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e-Banking Schema

Olfa Web Trading Solution for Your Business

Olfa Trading Widget allows trading via your e-banking solution. We offer full WL customization and easy integration to your site by cutting and pasting pre-made JS code.

Olfa Trading Widget is a HTML5/CCS3+JS based plugin that allows quick access to the Olfa Trading System, from any computer. There is no software to download and the platform both works on Apple and Windows systems.

Olfa Trading Widget is connected with Java Server and Olfa JS Library to provide you a fluid and responsive WL widget access to your trading account.

Traders will be able to access your site with widget via any web browser, by using either http or https with SSL on demand.

As Olfa provides web based trading Solution for advanced trading, this HTML5+CSS trading widget offers you both convenience and accessibility of a web and mobile application on any device.

e-Banking Widget

API JS Library

Olfa Trade also developed JS Library with an open data API. This is a useful solution allows easy integration Olfa API data to standalone site / app for your own.

Perfect solution for web / desktop application with own systems. It is best way you integrate different trading solutions in one place and show data that you want to control.

e-Banking Widget Code

Easy integration in several clicks

All well-known supported browsers
(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11, Safari (Mac only))

Fast real-time liquidity data transition
(real-time PUSH-type feed (i.e. through WebSocket))

WL 100% flexible and customizable interface

Accessibility & cross-platform one-click trading
Our pads work on ANY operating system
(iOS, Android, Windows and Linux), and on ANY device (iPads, phones)

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