Global FX Trading System

Seamless FX - SFX A Global FX Trading System

The Olfa institutional trading platform, Seamless FX, is the fastest institutional platform on the market today (average latency time = 0.04 milliseconds). Using the latest programming technology, Seamless FX allows banks and brokerage firms to maximise profits, especially if customers are using high-frequency trading or models.

The fully-automated platform allows professionals to instantly cover customer operations using aggregated executable prices from multiple liquidity providers. A true STP, Olfa trading platform instantly routes orders and calculates optimized prices – reducing the risk taken on by the brokerage/bank and maximising profit.

The fact that the platform is faster than any other on the market allows it to cope with orders during any market condition. Furthermore, the platform allows professionals to build their own internal makret place by matching incoming client orders.

Seamless FX uses Polymorph technology. The platform can thus be customized to fit the design and order management needs of any client. Simply stated, we can make Seamless FX look and feel however you like or desire!

A low-infrastructure client – the Olfa Trade platform does not require integration costs or delays. The environment is a turnkey solution.

Due to Co-Location with major eFX liquidity providers, the implementation is quick and easy. If you wish to integrate our institutional FX platform with your existing tools, Olfa offers a FIX API protocol. Contact us for more information about the FIX API.

Seamless FX Trading System

White Label Features

Pricing Engine

Create the pricing and market you wish to stream to your clients.

See Pricing Engine

Order Routing Strategies

Administrator to manage routing rules, easy creation of multiple parameters for A-Book or B-Book.

See Order Routing

Risk Engine

Manage your counterparties credits lines on the fly. Control your pre-trade and post-trade risk exposure.

See Risk Engine

White Label Solution

Source and deliver your liquidity to your clients. SFX allows you to move to the sell side and provide your clients with liquidity in less than 5 minutes.

See White Label

Corporate Treasury Platform

Control overall bank exposure, internal impact on position by each instrument that optimizes and improves the quality of treasurer's activities.

See Corporate Treasury


Our ultra-low latency aggregator will allow you to manage your liquidity like no other.

See Aggregator


Become a liquidity provider for your customers. Olfa will grant you all the elements to disseminate your prices.


Order Management System

Electronic systems developed to track, net and execute orders in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


MT4 Bridge

Allows brokers to submit client orders to liquidity providers, wait for confirmation, then send the confirmation or rejection notice to the trading client.

See MT4 Bridge

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