Order Routing Strategies

Order Routing system is designed to manage orders by sending them to ABook or BBook automatically. That means that you have a possibility to set UP rules for certain types of orders, instruments as well as number of characteristics, with an aim of specifying if the order will be executed at market or in BBook. .

In application, this set of rules is called Order Routing Strategy. If an order sent by User corresponds to all Strategy properties, it will be executed in BBook. Otherwise, order will be send directly to the market.

to Manage
Routing Rules

Easy Creation of Multiple Parameters for A-Book or B-Book

User friendly screen allows creation of your own rules on all types of orders, strategies (CCY pairs, Quantity, Time, ...).

Quickly pick your parameters and enable routing rules on the fly.

Once applied, traders don’t need to validate the orders: rules will be applied automatically.

Order Routing

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