Order Management System

Manage The Whole Flow
and Create Your Personal Internal Market

Order Management System Platform

Order can be filled in OMS system either manually or automatically when market reaches its price.
Order without price is filled together with market price in b-book that is returned to client.

OMS allows to manage client orders by:

  • Collecting them in one view
  • Collecting Net orders and send single deal automatically or manually
  • Defining settings for the sending of deals to a-book or b-book
  • Placing the following order types: Limit, Stop, OCO, If-done or market
  • Providing Flexible prices for market orders

Effective Order Management

Orders as well as their progress are tracked at all stages, from beginning to end of the process.

Intuitive User Interface

Makes it easy to create, navigate and manage orders (TP, SL, IF-DONE, OCO, LOOP, CALL LEVEL).

Available Historical Data Though the Whole Order Life Circle

All actions are carefully tracked within the system. Traders can also access action history for every order. This simply requires to choose the appropriate time range by using the Calendar, and download the data.

Real-Time Market Data

Users can follow real-time market data with no latency by using Orders Lists as well as Creation Panel.

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