Get FULL Control Over All Aspects of Your Forex Business

MT4 Schema

MetaTrader 4

The bridge allows brokers to submit client orders, wait for confirmation, then send the confirmation or rejection notice to the trading client – all done in milliseconds. In combination with SFX, brokers have the capacity to manage custom streams of pricing which they can offer to different clients and different liquidity providers. Unlike other bridges, with Olfa, you have FULL control over all aspects of your Forex business.

Once you connect your MT4 platform to SFX, you have the ability to auto-deal with one or multiple liquidity providers.

You also have the ability to use the SFX aggregation system as long as you are using a MetaQuotes MT4 retail platform.

Better Liquidity

Simultaneously access liquidity from all your counterparties, giving you better pricing and greater market depth.

Better Execution

Our servers are co-located in London in the same data centers as many of the world’s largest FX liquidity providers.

Better Prices

Our aggregator ensures that you and your clients will get more consistent and robust price feeds because you will not be relying on a single price provider.

Easy Integration

With lots of experience in the industry and with MT4, we promise to make your MT4 bridge operational in no time flat.

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