FX White Label

Complete End-to-End White Label Solution

Distribute Your Liquidity

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Easily Manage Risk

Pricing Engine

Create the pricing and market you wish to stream to your clients.

See Pricing Engine

Order Routing Strategies

Administrator to manage routing rules, easy creation of multiple parameters for A-Book or B-Book.

See Order Routing

Counterparties Risk

Manage your counterparties credits lines on the fly. Control your pre-trade and post-trade risk exposure.

See Counterparties Risk

Forward/Swaps Pad


Our user-friendly back office solution allows you to provide your clients with the dedicated interface you need to show them.

UI Pad Customization

  • Top of the Book
  • Spread
  • Max Value
  • Simplify Pad
  • Editable Quantity Depth
  • Show LP

User Friendly Interface & Easily Customizable

Seamless FX White label Platform

Fast, Easy Integration with your Front and Back-end Systems


Free and Automatic
Upgrades and Updates

Prime Broker Give-up and Credit Monitoring Tools

Automatic Filling
of Resting Orders


Status Monitor Alerts users to changes in order Statuses in Real-Time

Specific Features

For the Price Takers:
  • Fastest trade execution available with current technology
  • 100% flexible and customizable interface
  • Liquidity displayed in live-time
  • Trade statuses displayed with unequalled detail – i.e. rapidly modify live orders and execute partial fills on orders
  • Market depth and aggregated pricing available
  • Easily manage credit
  • One-click trading, if desired
For Price Makers & Intermediaries:
  • Cost effective, strategic alternative to 1-to-1 eFX systems
  • Complete price control. Deliver prices according to preferences set by you; i.e. Single stream, bracketed and send custom pricing to custom clients
  • Live updates of average pricing, net positions and other pertinent information; easily extractable into Spreadsheets

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