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Position Keeper

Position Keeper solution was designed to accomplish the tasks of treasury role. Its functionality is to allow treasurers to see common bank position from onto one blotter which can serve as a centralized position management tool for your entire FX solution.


See internal bank positions of all bank firms with the ability to monitor, analyze and close bank positions. The position can be matched and/or autohedged.

LP Monitor
lp monitor pad

LP limits are also shown in pad and allow Treasurer to analyze and control limit left by each LP for SPOT and Term orders.


Treasurer has an opportunity to control overall bank exposure, internal impact on position by instrument and quantity that optimizes and improves the quality of treasurer's activities.

Treasury Management Tool is providing features such as LP monitoring, automatic notifications of position changes in Event Pad, blotter with current bank position status that allows banks to control internal risks in real time data update and to cover position in the most efficient way.

Treasury Events
treasury events pad

Treasurer will be notified about each trade which has impact on bank position. Notification panel displays not only position changes but also details of each order.

Position Covering
position covering

In Firm Position Blotter, User can see summary of all positions per instrument in real time. This tab includes both SPOT and Term positions per instrument ranged by value date. Thus, a clear visualization of bank or firm exposure is created as well as optimized.

Close Position functionality allows user to close position directly from the Blotter with the current market price. Blotter provides informations such as instrument, position type, value date, position quantity, deal & current rates, and P&L.

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