Forex Liquidity Aggregator

Aggregate Your Liquidity Providers for the Best Executions.

Our aggregation technology delivers multiple sources of liquidity.

Including proprietary liquidity sources that you may have. As we are already connected to more than twenty top-tier banks, integration with your existing counterparties will likely be simple.

Our ultra-low latency aggregator will allow you to manage your liquidity like no other.

Olfa Forex Liquidity Aggregator is designed to aggregate liquidity from numerous internal and/or external sources. A genuine cross-asset application, it supports any combinations of currencies, order types and pricing pools.

Our aggregation technology allows for all kinds of combination of smart orders routing, crossing and best execution to be set up using your specified rules. This is particularly important for firms willing to own their flow and keep full control of the execution process.

Seamless FX | Forex Aggregator

Electronically connect as many venues as needed, whatever the protocols

Create a single order book with liquidity aggregated from as many sources as needed

Custom prices by clients

Client order flow management

Smart order routing with own specified algorithms

Route liquidity to internally or to external venues

Throughout order lifecycle management

Classical Aggregation Workflow

SFX Workflow

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