Get a Multisource Flow
Through a Single FIX API Connection

Olfa FIX API Schema

Get Full Access to FX Market via Only One API

Once you connect to our API, Olfa Trade allows you to get access to more than 50 liquidity providers with the capability to receive your marketdata and execute your orders.

Get an Access to Forex and Control Your Trading!

Through our networks, your traders will get the opportunity to trade with more than 50 liquidity providers without crossconnection with LPs on your side.

Administrator can use all settings of Seamless FX platform at the same time: managing the liquidity pools, switching on/off liquidity providers on the fly, making your price via the price maker, and using our pre-trade credit check.

All you have to do is to contact us, Everything else – API building, technical resources, connectivity and permanent monitoring – shall be provided by us. Enjoy the out-of-the-box solution at minimum time cost and in minimum time!

Simultaneous Access to 50+ LPs

Easy and Fast Integration

We manage cross-connects, bandwidth, latency monitoring, hardware, network, and ensure support.

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