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Corporate Treasury
Comprehensive solution for banks’ treasurers

From now the new functionality dedicated to bank treasury is available on SeamlessFX platform. Recent development allows to automatize and optimize fundamental treasurers’ tasks.

  • Observe position changes in real time
  • Close position on fly
  • Control left LP limits
  • Track all traders’ activities which impact bank position

Make your treasurer activity easy and efficient!

We expand our geography!

Olfa Trade launched the official web site in Russian.

November, 2016, Olfa Trade launched a Russian version of the official website From now, information about the fastest FX trading platform on today market is available in native language for Russia. In the foreseeable future, we’re expecting the launch of in Russian. We want to be sure that you understand us.

We speak English, French and Russian. Добро пожаловать!

Press Release BCGE

Forxchange by BCGE, scheduled to ‘go live’ this summer, will enable customers to trade in the main currency pairs and precious metals at attractive rates. They will be able to undertake spot, forward and swap trades in real time during extended trading hours. The package, developed by the Geneva firm of Fintech Olfa Trade, will be available for free from the BCGE Netbanking platform.