Hedge Funds

Hedge funds dealing in Forex can use our industry-leading solution to aggregate liquidity, deal with institutional FX counterparties, and execute trades with ultra-low latency. Our platform, Sfx, uses the latest in FX and cloud technology to offer reliable, streamlined and controlled currency trading. Our servers are co-located in London in the same data centers as many of the world’s largest liquidity providers giving you milliseconds of advantage in fast moving markets.

Our feature-rich trading platform allows you to manage liquidity like no other. Choose the liquidity sources you prefer for trading or even get as granular as choosing which liquidity providers you like to execute specific currency pairs with.

Integration is a breeze with our seasoned IT team. We can integrate Sfx into multiple systems such as CRMs, Back Offices, Reporting Tools and various other trading platforms.

Other Advantages:

  • Stream liquidity from as many sources as you desire and consolidate those feeds into a single executable stream, if desired
  • FIX API is available for simple integration and connectivity
  • MT4 Bridge ready
  • Partnership with Traiana Harmony/RTNS/FIX/CSV allows you to streamline simple or complex post-trade processes
  • Simple and efficient integration with any system you may currently employ