Buy and Sell Side

For banking clients, we offer a full gamut of services for both buy-side and sell-side institutions. Our Seamless FX system, or SFX, allows you to source, package, and deliver your liquidity while managing your entire FX business with a system that’s faster than any comparable software on the market today.

SFX is a direct market access (DMA) system for foreign exchange. We aggregate all your executable pricing into a single application that’s fast and intuitive.

For Buy-Side:

Our SFX system integrates all your liquidity sources into a single application, automatically sorting your feed by best price. Aggregated pricing is further sorted by best bid/best ask. When you provide your liquidity or trading solution to counterparties, all is branded under your company name.

Servers are co-located in London next to the largest FX liquidity providers’ servers, therefore we offer unparalleled speed of execution and order processing. Further, our full Traiana Harmony/RTNS/FIX/CSV integration streamlines post-trade workflow and reduces the time you need to spend on analysis, saving you time and money.

With Sfx, you can see full depth of the market and use several advanced options/filters to analyze your trading models.

Main Advantages:

  • Best execution & liquidity
  • Algorithmic trading intelligence
  • Directly manage your own trading desks and branches
  • Customizable price streams
  • Single STP connection allows for easy-to-implement back office integration

Liquidity Advantages:

  • Consolidate all liquidity into a single, executable stream
  • Automatically sorts pricing by best bid/best ask
  • Extensive and dominant liquidity control and order management

All Olfa solutions are delivered as PaaS (Platform as a Service). There are no hosting, maintenance or extra fees. Sfx has a track record of 99.99% availability, with virtually no downtime. Our systems have full redundancy in the event on any power or mechanical issues outside of our control.

For Sell-Side:

Our Sfx system allows you to easily distribute and grow your business by connecting you to various market participants. Our software will allow you to deliver your liquidity to other banks, hedge funds, asset managers and speculators through the right channels.

You have the flexibility to customize the pricing you put out ensuring that you can reduce business risk and increase your profitability with minimal human intervention. Further, our unique liquidity regeneration feature provides time for you to offload position risk as trading levels come back to levels specified by you in your business strategy.

Main Advantages:

  • Fast, easy integration through a single STP connection
  • Risk minimization and safety
  • Precise, multi-tier liquidity and margin management
  • Security provided by our fully redundant and 99.99% uptime system
  • Full agency solution to your trading desk, giving traders direct access