Forex Broker and Dealers

For broker/dealers in the institutional space, our Sfx platform offers full management solutions to enhance your FX business. Our system makes the best conditions in FX trading available to your clients by combining top liquidity access with the latest in robust, low-latency technology.

SFX is compatible with MT4 and other major popular trading packages increasing their performance with faster order routing, less slippage and better pricing. For post-trade connectivity, we are partners with Traiana Harmony/RTNS/FIX/CSV for real-time automation of post-trade processes, reducing operational risk at all levels.

Other Advantages:

  • Liquidity consolidation into a single, branded price stream
  • Broker management tools built in-house from our extensive experience in the Forex business
  • No additional, hidden or maintenance fees
  • All applications and services are hosted by Olfa, no installation or IT infrastructure needed on your end
  • Easy and fast integration with any system you may currently employ